10 New Year’s Resolutions for PC Users

1.  I will download PC-Popper’s free trial so that it can make my computer perform better.
2.  I will not fall for everything that Microsoft and affiliates recommend since I know that their wallets are more important to them than my computer user experience.
3.  I will not upgrade to Windows 10 since an upgrade is supposed to be something better, and Windows 10 is clearly not “something better”.
4.  I will back up my important information since hard drives can go out at any time.
5.  I will refrain from impulse downloading.
6.  I will immediately hang up on scammers who say they are from Microsoft or any other company and who then tell me they want to “fix” my computer.
7.  I will try not to drop my laptop (or sit on my i-phone).
8.  I will read small print carefully before clicking so that I know what is going to happen before it happens.
9.  I will not enter my personal information just because a website asks for it.
10.  I will try out PC-Popper since I know it was developed by an individual with the best of intentions. =)

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