10 New Year’s Resolutions for PC Users

1.  I will download PC-Popper’s free trial so that it can make my computer perform better.
2.  I will not fall for everything that Microsoft and affiliates recommend since I know that their wallets are more important to them than my computer user experience.
3.  I will not upgrade to Windows 10 since an upgrade is supposed to be something better, and Windows 10 is clearly not “something better”.
4.  I will back up my important information since hard drives can go out at any time.
5.  I will refrain from impulse downloading.
6.  I will immediately hang up on scammers who say they are from Microsoft or any other company and who then tell me they want to “fix” my computer.
7.  I will try not to drop my laptop (or sit on my i-phone).
8.  I will read small print carefully before clicking so that I know what is going to happen before it happens.
9.  I will not enter my personal information just because a website asks for it.
10.  I will try out PC-Popper since I know it was developed by an individual with the best of intentions. =)

Warning About Windows 10

Many computer users are having problems with Windows 10.  First of all, Windows 10 performs much slower than 7 and 8.  It seems to lag even when running simple programs.  Second, it is one of the most personally intrusive pieces of software that I have seen.  Windows 10 tracks everything that you do on your computer.  It has the ability to send your keystrokes and documents on your computer to Microsoft.  This enables Microsoft to track you and send back personalized ads for you to see…and who knows what else they think up to do with your personal information.  In addition, I have not been impressed with Windows 10’s stability.  It crashes more frequently than 7 or 8.  It also does not work well with some drivers.

If you do not have Windows 10, you may notice a small white flag in the lower-right corner of your screen.  Microsoft places this flag on your computer to harass users into upgrading.  We recommend that you do not click on this flag and that you do not upgrade to Windows 10.  Most users are disappointed in Windows 10 soon after upgrading.